Monday, 15 January 2018

30K ultramarine reinforcements

Hello Geeks! 

As I continue to bounce from various projects and semi started models or in some cases not even started! I've had this kicking around for a while, and figured I might as well finish it off as the doubles torney is on the 20th Feb not Jan as I first thought! 

Yup the best Mk of the landraider the Mk2B, now I 'll know a few people will disagree with me on this point however your all wrong ;) 

I've kept is fairly simple painting wise and I'll look great added to my other boys in blue! 

only issue I might have now is that I want more landraider variants, however I need to actually get some games in with this lots, I've got around 4K worth of Ultramarines and only played about 3 games! 

Up next for the smurfs is some air support, this was a rapid learning curve doing the camo and using liquid mask wrong! more on that when I finish off this model.

So the rest of the month will be taken up with this little lot! I couldn't paint blue all month I'd go bonkers!

Monday, 8 January 2018

2018 here we go! - Bromites and The Road to Tarssis 4

In the words of the best army in the whole of the games workshop lore...

so 2018 is underway and the models are already being rolled out from the painting table despite operation Don't Kill the GC 2018 Edition Christmas watch about to come to an end!

So what have I managed in the first week?

I decide to start off with some Gates of Antares bromites larvamite swarms,

I decided to try something different with these guys and went from a black and dry brushed upto a white, then I used a load of the army painter inks that I picked up from Weekend Warlords and decided to have some fun!  

how these guys have come out, I'm really happy with and they look far better than my original unit that I painted a while back so I've tempted to revisit those models!

however I've a bit more of a pending target with a doubles 30k weekend coming up at some point which if I think I'm right its the 20th Jan!

11 days to paint this lot....

best get cracking on eh!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

2017 - Overview of the year

Yey Gods!

where did that one go!!

So lets have a quick look at the 2017 "master plan"

Play some games of what ever I can!  -
Well I've certainly played games this year, all manner of them!

Paint the poster boys of the 40K world in the 30K setting, yep that's right Ultramarines. - The Poster boys are well underway and I've just picked up some reinforcements for a doubles torney in a couple of months, the question is do I actually continue with them as I've played hardly any games of 30K with them! 
I would like to make a funky looking table for This is Not a Test, only a 4 foot square is going to be needed for this game so I can spend some time on making it sexy looking! - 
The This is not a Test table didn't happen however in a moment of madness I did start on some of the scatter terrain and I'm determined to get this sorted out, I just need to focus! 

Travel to a few more local clubs and get some games in with systems I wouldn't normally play. -
As for the travelling gamer I got as far as Loughbrough! better than nothing I suppose!

over all not too bad! So lets have a quick run down of the Anarchy for the last 12 months....


Actually got a game of 7TV in and increased the ranks of the henchmen!

I took the first steps into a new system for 2017 - Age of Sigmar!!

And with a bit of a paint off with the Terrain Tutor I blasted out some Japanese for a game on his Burma board


This was the month of sorting out previous projects, so off the the random box of dead and unfinished models and I grabbed a load of bits that I'm planning on using for This is not a Test.

I also did my first show of the year, Robin,


A surprise message from Nick at Warlord games of can you drive a box truck resulted in me "nipping" over to Tactica in Hamburg!

The show was superb! and of course two of my favourite Germans happened to be there! 

I also started on what many consider to be the dark path....


Well it was a quiet month blog wise and sadly it was the start of far too much time in between posts.

on a positive note the Prep for the derby board began!


Well this was the month of trade shows!

First of all Partizan

Then off to chillcon, and we've been invited back to that for 2018! question is what to take!!


I was still playing catch up with regards to posts and managed to get some odds and sods painted,

However I was getting ready for 40K 8th Ed, and how I was ready for this!!


Whilst getting distracted by 40K I was also being whipped by Lee to get my Blood and Plunder Spanish painted up!

I also had Joe from the club ask me to paint his Cygnar in a whitewash scheme so I figured why not!


The 40k vibe was still strong and I added more to the wraith guard

but not forgetting the 30K poster boys they got some added cheese, which turned my facebook on fire!


I painted a lot of K47 Russians!


I painted up the Burrows and Badgers still that I picked up at Derby,

I also managed to finish off Joe's army as well,


and the usual jolly over to Crisis was done!

in a moment of madness, some might refer to it as a rage I blasted out a death company force,

I also decided to go back into the unfinished project box and grabbed a lot of freeborn for Gates or Antares


I was asked to do a post for the Orc's in the Web December calendar,

The article went down really well so I'm quite happy with that!!

I also did some random models that I picked up earlier in the year!

So from a geeky point of view 2017 was a mixed bag due to a number of reasons, one of them being my hours changed at work so rather than having 3 or 4 days off in a row they are now spread out more which means I get less actual time to do what I want to do.

However this does mean that I simply need to focus on certain projects rather than chop and change all the time, which will be easier said than done, and I've avoided kickstarter for most of the year so that's not a bad thing!

this has had an impact on the Pledge for 2017 though

Bought - 558

Painted - 555

Difference: -3!!

shocking I know so close to breaking even, but looking back on what I bought during the year it was the 8th Ed that killed it I got a bit frothy with nurgle plague zombies.....

So that was 2017, over all good laugh show and club wise, still managed to get a lot painted compared to other people in my gaming group, however once I've sorted out a few "real life" issues then we'll have to see what the future holds, I've a feeling its going to be fun!

If you want to see more of what I'm doing on the painting and geeky world have a look at the facebook page as I tend to randomly put posts on that rather than the blog now!


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Pledge - November

And before you know it the month has vanished in a puff of smoke or like my death company army in a hail of multi shot battle cannon rounds from a triple knight list.

Yes it was a whitewash but hey that's the whole point of the cock punch themed series, Apparently next up will be Keith and Dan playing 30K now that's gonna be one to watch!

So what did I manage this month?

Painted - 74

Bought - 39

Difference + 35

So blasting out the death company in record time and the oathsworn bits certainly had a positive impact on the purchases this month which were the new necromunda which I'd already accounted for in my head.

And its very very nice! not done anything with it yet need to decide how to build up my guys once I've read rules. 

However the 2000AD foundry "sale" was a curve ball as these models I've wanted for years so picked up the ABC warriors, Johnny Alpha and his boys from SD, Sam Slade & Hoagy, I also had the semi cooked shopping at Crisis in the form of a dropship and a APC for AVP, and after much discussion with Mr Upton its appears that an AVP demo board could be in the works...

With the death company done I decided to revisit my huge amount of unfinished or not even started projects and blasted out some Freeborn for GoA.

The over look I'm really happy with and all I need to do is get some trigger time with the guys at the club and I'll see what else I'll be adding, the hivemind of facebook have suggested and X-launcher and a striker attack skimmer.

These will be added once I've painted the second batch of infantry up, after that I'll be aiming for December to be a month of finishing off stuff that's been on my painting desk for way too long, so lots of random models for mainly This is not a test which at some point I will get some games in and get the terrain started that I've collected for the last year or so!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Another 40K army! The Death Company

With the continued enthusiasm for 8th Edition I've cracked out a Blood angel death company force using the vanguard order of battle for maximum in your face play!

This whole lot came about after a late night discussion with Mr Smith about what would army did you always want to do but couldn't under the previous rules when we used to play back in 3rd & 4th Ed 40K

for me it was always the death company, I wasn't bothered about the rest of the blood angels always thought they looked naff however psycho's in black armour now that floated my boat in a serial killer way (this was before I joined the ranks of chaos!)

A couple of the guys at the Best Club in Leicester, that's the phat cats if you've been living under a rock for the last 15 years (all others are mealy Chinese clones and wanna-be's) were having a discussion about dirty 8th lists and knights came up, I threw the gauntlet down and the Phat Cats Cock Punch match was born!

So I had about 4 weeks to do a 2K list, It was all stuck together and I'd painted a test unit the rest needed doing,

And in the traditional Anton way - Mission complete! 

All the boys in there glory! 

OOP forgeworld dreadnought drop pod, its useful knowing some people! 

The flying skip, I hated this model when it first came out back in the day, It still looks naff however it was a doddle to paint and I look at it as a flying taxi! 

two dreads ready to party

So three units sporting the latest in assisted movement gear

and 12 guys who ride the fun bus - note the lack of nipple armour!

Lemartes and Charlie Chaplin ready to educate the faithless,

So this was my first time at giving black a crack and how it turned out I'm really quite happy with it, the drop pod and Storm raven I was a bit nervous of doing as I wanted to give the airbrush a run out on them but yup it worked out great and thanks go to Adam for the technique on doing the black, Kris for the suggestion on doing the red crosses so so easy and Steve over at Barwell body shop for the chat about techniques and the like!

I'm not expecting to win however IF I can drop one knight then I'll be a happy man, Also the battle report will be filmed and uploaded onto youtube so once its been edited and all that I'll bang a link up!

However now that I've done this challenge I'm not too sure what to paint next, next show is to be robin in Feb but until then I've nothing planned, So any suggestions would be welcome.